KnoxAir Pty Ltd provide products and services for a wide range of industries. We understand not all businesses are the same, and that each business has unique refrigeration requirements.


KnoxAir Industrial cooling

Over the last 35 years, we have worked on:

  • Wineries
  • Brewery
  • Food Processing



Services we provide include:

  • Programmed maintenance
  • Replacement of Air Conditioning equipment
  • Repair of Air Conditioning equipment
  • Refurbishments on Air Conditioning equipment
  • Water cooled equipment repairs
  • Refrigerant gas leak repairs
  • Evaporator repairs
  • Condenser replacements
  • Refrigerant upgrades, conversions


Equipment we work on includes:

  • Liquid Chillers
  • Vats
  • Cool rooms
  • Pumps
  • Split systems
  • Under bar cabinets
  • Display fridges
  • Boilers