Ducted Split System

Compact A Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter multi-split system allows 2 to 6 indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit. This allows multiple rooms to be conditioned without adding clutter to the exterior of your home. One compact multi-split outdoor unit instead of many outdoor units not only adds to the aesthetic appeal your home but can be necessary when there is not much space available, for example, when installing outdoor units on balconies or verandahs. Installation Flexibility With a generous maximum piping length of 70m*, you are given greater freedom to decide where the indoor units will be installed to optimise interior space and convenience. In addition, a maximum height difference of 25m* for the indoor units means the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter multi-split system can easily service multi storey homes. Variety of Indoor Units The indoor unit range includes wall mounted, floor standing, low static bulkhead or compact cassettes in a wide range of capacities. This makes hundreds of combinations possible for your home. You can choose the right type of indoor unit to complement the interior d├ęcor and match the size of each room. Independent Control and Comfort Each indoor unit comes with its own remote allowing the unit to be switched on/off and have the temperature adjusted as needed. The conditions of rooms can vary greatly depending on many variables such as the number of occupants or the way the room is used. With a range of comfort, air flow and convenience functions on each indoor unit, you can adjust the settings to match the individual requirements of a room. When a room is unoccupied you can switch off the unit to reduce inefficient energy use. 5 Year Warranty When you buy a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter multi-split system, you are getting an air conditioning solution from a company that has some of the highest quality products in the industry. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries enjoys a reputation for outstanding quality and is highly respected both in the Australian and overseas markets. With our 5 Year Warranty covering the parts, labour and compressor, you can have peace of mind that your new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter multi-split system will continue to deliver airconditioning comfort to your home for many years. *Please check model specifications as these pipe lengths and height differences do not apply to all models.DXU Set DXU24VNXVF DXU34VNXVF DXU43VNXVF DXU48VNXVF DXU55VSVF Indoor DXU24VF DXU34VF DXU43VF DXU48VF DXU55VF Outdoor DXC24VNX DXC34VNX DXC43VNX DXC48VNX DXC55VSFDT Set FDT60ZMXAVF FDT71VNXVF1 FDT100VNVF1 FDT125VNXVF FDT140VNXVF Indoor FDT60VF FDT71VF1 FDT100VF1 FDT125VF FDT140VF Outdoor SRC60ZMXA-S FDC71VNX FDC100VN FDC125VNX FDC140VNX

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