Fresh Produce

KnoxAir can provide a complete solution for fresh produce farming needs. It is more than an efficient refrigeration system.

  • Efficient cooling
  • Reliable power
  • Reduced power bills
  • Modular solution to meet peak needs
  • Redundant solutions

Modular Design

We have developed modular solutions which can grow as you grow. The designs are flexible and additional modules can be added as needed.

Through load balancing, we can reduce power consumption when cooling is needed least.

Heat and Power Generation

Our modular solutions include a combined heat and power generator. The heat can be used to create hot water.

We can provide cooling when power supplies are unavailable. The system can run on town gas, LPG, power from the grid or other sources such as solar.

When generating power, any excess power can be used to operate other machinery or be fed back in to the grid as a source of income.