KnoxAir can provide a complete solution for Dairy farmers. It is more than an efficient refrigeration system.

  • Highly efficient cooling
  • Abundance of hot water
  • Biogas production
  • Reliable power supply
  • Significantly reduced power bills
  • Management of organic waste

Dairy In a Box

Dairy In A Box (DIAB) is a Trigeneration product which offers dairy farmers an option to protect themselves against increased cost of power and unreliable power supply.

Trigeneration is a Combined Cooling Heating and Power(CCHP) solution. The application of CCHP at a dairy includes, Hot Water, Steam and Cooling for milk products.

It includes tailored highly efficient refrigeration to meet stringent milk chilling requirements ensuring high quality milk. The net result is less power and better cooling.

When extended to work with biogas the entire solution is engineered to minimise the need for power to be drawn from the grid.

Biogas Solution

A major opportunity at a dairy is the ability to use the organic waste to create biogas. The biogas is another green energy source such as Solar and Wind. The biogas is used to power the generator.

An additional benefit of the biogas collection is the treatment of the organic waste and the provision of water which can be reused on the farm.

Heat and Power Generation

Included in the DIAB, we include a combined heat and power generator. The heat is used to create hot water.

The generator can run on town gas, LPG or Biogas. Excess power can be used to operate other machinery or fed back in to the grid as a source of income.

Reusing the Heat

The refrigeration process extracts heat from the milk. Instead of wasting that heat to the atmosphere, we divert that heat to a lagoon or tank to assist in the generation of biogas.