KnoxAir have a capacity to provide Cooling and Heating solutions for a wide range of farming situations.

Modular Solutions

We are able to provide modular solutions which can be modified to grow as you grow. These can be relocated or replaced effectively without interrupting the day to day activities of the farm.

Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

A core value at KnoxAir is to care for our environment. We achieve this by using environmentally sustainable solutions. These include:

  • Biogas Generation
  • Natural Refrigerants
  • Solar
  • Trigeneration (CCHP)

More Than Refrigeration

The process of cooling anything is actually the extraction of heat. In most cases the heat is wasted in to the atmosphere. KnoxAir solutions collect that wasted heat and find alternative uses such as preheating water.

Dairy In A Box (DIAB)

A specialised implementation for Dairies. CLICK HERE for more information about this solution and how it might help you.